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FAITH 47 ( South Africa) – Female Street art

Artist : FAITH47 (South Africa)

Faith47 is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from her own existential questions. Her art takes on the form of metaphor. Both abstract and definitive in meaning, plucking at our heartstrings as she paints.
Faiths images thrive on broken-down cars and old factories, down dusty side roads of lost towns and inner-city alleyways. Her deep affinity with lost spaces allows her to bring attention to the most humble of environments. Her interactions resonate with our fragility and our elusive relationship with dreams, memory and human interaction.
Initially recognized for her graffiti and street art work, Faith has fast established herself internationally, showing in galleries and participating in projects worldwide. She remains rooted in South Africa, where the soil is red and her blood feels comfortably and peacefully on edge.

photo and bio: courtesy faith 47

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Market” is the next chapter in the “Feel Free” project by Vinz in Valencia. The “Market” concept refers to “Exchange”. In the moment that money comes in contact through an exchange, a series of commercial codes like advertising, sales or luxury appear. When your basic needs are covered, Consumerism starts, and an unnecessary hoarding of unnecessary items promoted by the Establishment and the idea that a better social status can be attained through material things.
The “Feel Free” project exposes nudity and sex as a symbol of love and friendship in human relationships. The use of bodies in “Market” is attractive to consumerism.
“Honest Advs.” is a reflection of the use of human bodies and sexuality within the advertising of major trademarks to sell products that have nothing to do with nudity or sex.

Location: Valencia (Spain)